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ASI Process SERV-US & Investigations LLC specializes in Matrimonial and Relationship Private Investigations as well as business and corporate related private investigations. All you need to do is call one of our Case Managers who can advise you on the best and most economical way to find out if your partner is cheating on you. Call us now!  When you call, provide us with all the information that you can. For example, names, addresses, vehicles. We will then ask you some questions and explain to you the details. It is very easy to comprehend and there is no pressure.

At ASI private investigations our staff understands all of your feelings; hurt, denial, embarrassment, uncertainty, anger. Hiring us to obtain the TRUTH helps relieve you of the uncertainty, the damaging, obsessive thoughts of not knowing what really going on in your relationship. Once you have the proof you need then you are able to move in a more positive direction.

You can TAKE CONTROL and you will not be alone doing it.  Get the peace-of-mind you deserve.   Find out once and for all: IS MY PARTNER CHEATING ON ME?

Private Investigation Services:(Attorneys, please contact us directly to consult with us on your case.)

Internet Dating Investigation

These background searches can help you find out the TRUTH on who you are meeting online. It's also a good way to find out if they are dating others beside you! Information such as, their real name and date of birth, background profile and criminal record. It's also important to find out if they have any judgments, liens, bankruptcy; marriages, divorces, etc.

"My 17 year daughter met someone online. It turned out to be a 40 plus year old man with a criminal record.  Thank you ASI, Pamela S - Houston Texas.

" I thought she was a christian woman,at least her profile stated that" Thanks to ASI I found out the truth before it was to late. T. Hendricks

Child Custody - Spouse Visitation

The facts provided in this investigation can assist attorneys in their recommendation of the sole person chosen for child custody. Also, we provide documented facts of unwarranted behavior of persons directly involved with your children. Our surveillance techniques and extensive investigations of criminal records and background information are used in an effort to prevent possible or further Child Abuse, Cohabitation with the child present, Child Neglect, Parents drug/alcohol abuse.

Domestic - Divorce Private Investigations

Providing a proof of a third party involvement can assist you towards a more positive divorce settlement. The evidence we provide can prove "Inclination and Opportunity" and is documented through detailed reports, videos, photographs, and background investigations. This invaluable information establishes strong bargaining power in negotiations for a divorce settlement.

"My spouse stayed late supposedly to work, but ASI proved that he was cheating behind my back. Because of the good work ASI did, I was better prepared in my divorce case."  Sandra. R. - Houston, Texas

Vehicle Auto Tracking Unit

Check corrupt employees and cheating spouses with the latest in High Tech equipment for surveillance services. With a GPS tracking devise attached to the vehicle (s) of the person that you employed us to place under surveillance, we can immediate track the movements of the person in question and supply you with a printout of the movements of the tracked vehicle at 2 minute increments. This high tech devise is of great use in determining the truthfulness of a person that may be lying to you about there activities. We use this service in combination with our video surveillance activities in many occasions.

Background and Pre-Marital Investigations

You have got burned once in a bad relationship and perhaps you want to make sure it doesn�t happen again. ASI Private Investigations can reveal valuable information for personal involvements or verification of credentials. Such as Marriage & Divorces, Number of Children, Date of Birth, Ownership of Residences, Phone Number Searches, Driving Records, Criminal Records, Judgments & Liens, Bankruptcy.

Finding Hidden Assets

ASI Private Investigations has a top-notch background investigative team who can uncover many other types of information. This can help people and corporations uncover hidden assets of others. Contact us directly to find out more about Bank and Asset Searches, Stocks and Bond Searches, obtaining Offshore Accounts, Safety Deposit Boxes, Bank Activity, etc.

Asset Searches Plus More!! - Let Us know How we can Assist.

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Missing Person

Get the peace-of-mind you deserve.

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