Our modern technology and state of the art equipment gives us the ability to capture any event during the day or night. Video, photographs and documented evidence taken by ASI, have been used in numerous of trials and settlement cases.

Possible Surveillance Uses: private investigator houston private investigator texas surveillance

  • Infidelity

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Employee theft

  • Child custody

  • Counter Surveillance

Physical Surveillance - This is the most common type of surveillance we conduct. It is when one or more of our investigators follow or tail a subject. In most cases we will document all movement of a subject, and capture this information on digital video. You may then play the video on your television, or request computer generated still photos. This information may be used in court. (Typical uses include: domestic and divorce cases, child-custody, insurance fraud, workers compensation, etc.)

Electronic Surveillance - In the event that it is impossible to conduct physical surveillance, we utilize very high-tech equipment that enables us to locate a subject's vehicle. In most cases, you will be advised of the subject's location when you request.

Hidden Cameras - Our company has acquired sophisticated equipment that allows us to set up hidden cameras (about the size of a dime) almost anywhere! We are then able to wirelessly transmit the video up to several hundred yards away. The images can be recorded on a video cassette and played back. Remote monitoring over the internet is also possible. (Typical uses include: business theft, monitoring your children, etc.)

Counter Physical Surveillance / Bodyguard - One or more of our investigators will follow our client, to see if he/she is being tailed. We will document all activity and intervene if requested. (Typical uses include: ex-spouse, disgruntled employee, large cash transactions, etc.)

What you need to know:

When you hire Private Investigators for surveillance you need to know that your subject guides the investigation. If the subject goes to work late one day or leaves home earlier than usual, changes may be required. We recommend that you discuss limits with any investigative agency before you begin surveillance if you have any questions. While some people are easier to observe or keep pace with in traffic, others require a lot more technique, time or surveillance resources. Be prepared to use more surveillance hours and if the case requires less, you'll be ahead.

As our name implies, we are an expert in surveillance. We employ state of the art equipment, beyond what the ordinary private investigator uses, combined with experienced and trained private investigators making us the preeminent choice for surveillance.

The staff at ASI have been trained under the most exacting conditions where accurate, succinct reporting has to be carried out in potentially dangerous situations. If you can survive doing this in Houston Texas, and still succeed in following your subject, you can do it anywhere. This includes both mobile surveillance services in vehicles and static surveillance of locations. In a mobile role, our private detectives are available to follow subjects in cars as well as on foot. Normally, it will be possible to obtain photography of people entering and leaving premises, meeting others or use photography to document illegal activities.

Surveillance reports detailing the investigators observations, times and dates will be provided for you via the investigators report unless other options are requested. Timed stamped video or still photos documenting the investigators presence at the scene, reports can be sent via email, U.S. mail, faxed or delivered by hand for an additional charge.

When your investigation requirements depend on surveillance, you can count on ASI investigators to provide video and photographic evidence of the quality necessary to meet your needs without fear of detection or compromise.

****There are no additional charges without the clients approval.****

Evidence can be provided in any of the following formats:

35 mm negative or digital stills
VHS, HI-8mm video, CD and DVD
Aerials also available

Vehicle Auto Tracking Units Rates Per Unit:

Weekly rate: $700.00
Daily: $125.00

Time required for installation of vehicle tracker (GPS) and monitoring is billed in addition to the rental rate of the tracking device.

Vehicle Auto Tracking Unit - ASI employ's the latest in high tech equipment for surveillance services. With a GPS tracking device attached to the vehicle of the person that you want to place under surveillance, we can immediately track the movements of the person in question and supply you with a printout of the movements of the tracked vehicle at 2 minute increments. This high tech devise is of great use in determining the truthfulness of a person that may be lying to you about there activities. We use this service in combination with our video surveillance activities in many occasions.

NOTE: Due to legal privacy issues, the use of this system can only be used for someone who shares the title of the vehilce or you are married to or, are a legal guardian of. For use of this service and pricing, please contact us so we can make sure that the use of this service meets Federal and State required guidelines. The length of the surveillance will determine the price. You may also purchase a GPS Tracking System for your own use. Price is only $899

The rate for short term surveillance is $65.00 per hour plus 0.65 cents per mile. Video tape or digital still photographs as needed are also included. Surveillance reports detailing the investigators observations, times and dates will be provided for you via email, Certified US, faxed mail or delivered by hand for an additional charge, unless other options are requested. Timed stamped video or still photos document the investigators presence at the scene will be sent by Certified US mail.


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